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Dealing with hormone imbalances, high blood sugar, low energy, and gut issues, or do you just need guidance and support on your health journey?



So That You Can Skip Years Of Trying To Improve Your Weight And Energy Levels, Optimise Your Health, Eliminate Pains, And Live The Life You Desire Without Wasting time on ineffective strategies

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You Want To Live A Life Full Of Energy And Vitality, Free From The Burden Of Excess Weight And Health Issues



You've tried multiple diets or weight loss programs without seeing lasting results.


You struggle with cravings and feel like you can't stick to a healthy eating plan.


You don't have the time or energy to prioritize your health and wellness.


You're dealing with a lot of stress and feel like you don't have the mental or emotional bandwidth to focus on your health.

Now you’re looking for a better way to break free from the yo-yo dieting cycle and achieve sustainable weight loss without sacrificing your happiness or well-being!

You want to feel energized, confident, and in control of your health and wellness journey, so…

Tried Numerous Fad Diets

BUT you continue to struggle with weight management, low energy levels, and an overall sense of frustration and unhappiness that seems to compound with each failed attempt.


You Delved Into The Vast Expanse Of Internet

BUT only to become engulfed in the complexity and sheer quantity of data pertaining to the delicate balance of blood sugar and hormones necessary for weight loss success.

You Considered Seeking Professional Assistance

BUT the expense of individualized coaching and specialized testing can often amount to hundreds or even thousands of dollars, making it an unattainable option. Although you desire guidance, your busy schedule often prevents you from attending live sessions.

I was stuck…
Until I Discovered the Power Of Evidence-Based Nutrition, Mindset And Lifestyle Strategies That Actually Work

I’ll be honest with you

Getting to this point wasn’t easy

Let me take you on a journey of health realization, growth, and self-discovery that started with a desire to help children with autism as a new nutritional therapist.

As I saw improvements in their health and well-being, I also noticed that the parents, particularly busy professional women, struggled to prioritise their health and well-being alongside their children’s needs.

As a mother of two myself, I empathized with their predicament and understood the importance of taking care of oneself first before being able to take care of others. Thus, I began working with these mothers to help them achieve a healthier lifestyle, and the results were nothing short of amazing – not only did they feel better, but their children’s health and well-being also improved.

Hello, I’m Antonela!

As a nutritionist, I’ve seen countless women fall prey to internet “experts” who insist their way is the only way to be healthy. It’s frustrating and misleading. That’s why I believe in “bio-individuality” – the notion that every individual is unique, and their health journey should be tailored to their specific needs, symptoms, genetics, heritage, sleep, fitness level, personal and professional lifestyle, and more.

I’ve built my practice on this belief, my guiding principle in helping my clients achieve their health goals. My foundation in the science of nutrition and human performance, combined with my personal experience, has enabled me to create a proven framework that delivers results.

I hold a Master’s in Exercise and Nutrition Science from the University of Chester and a second Master’s from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila in Bucharest. And let me tell you, I have walked in your shoes. I understand the struggles of feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, trying fad diets and quick fixes that don’t work.

With my empathetic and non-judgmental approach, I’m here to listen, support, and guide you on your journey to better health.

All it takes are

3 Simple Steps

Revitalize your body, transform your life:
Achieve balance, boost energy, own your power

Discover Your Why

Helps you set the foundation for success by identifying potential obstacles, creating a personalized plan for your unique needs, and visualizing the revitalized version of yourself. Empowers you to lay a solid foundation for achieving your wellness goals by proactively identifying potential challenges, developing a tailored plan and envisioning a reinvigorated version of yourself. 

Stress Management

You will learn how to manage stress healthily and effectively. Provides techniques, strategies, support and resources to help you manage any underlying emotional issues that may be contributing to your stress or unhealthy habits. Helps you to overcome any unhealthy eating habits or cravings that may be standing in the way of your goals. Helps you to create a healthy work-life balance so that you can prioritize self-care and relaxation.

Hormonal & Metabolic Balance

You’ll understand how your hormones and metabolism function and how they impact your overall health. You will learn how to balance your hormones and metabolism through healthy habits, such as optimizing sleep, incorporating movement into your routine, and prioritizing self-care. Learn the fundamentals of nutrition and how it plays a role in weight loss, energy levels, mood, and overall health.


It’s time to break free from the cycle of disappointment and discover a better way to achieve your WEIGHT health and wellness aspirations.

The Unbounded Wellness Club membership is perfect for busy women who want evidence-based, simple, and effective strategies to help them lose fat, increase energy, and achieve optimal health.

It’s for those who are tired of the frustration and disappointment of failed weight loss attempts and are ready for a sustainable, long-term solution that addresses the root causes of their health concerns.

The Unbounded Wellness Club provides the tools, resources, and community they need to succeed.

A comprehensive approach to balancing hormones and metabolism through healthy habits like sleep, movement and self-care

Personalized support and guidance from experienced coach and wellness expert

Techniques and strategies to manage stress, overcome unhealthy eating habits and improve sleep quality

A community of like-minded individuals for accountability, motivation and support

Access to a wealth of resources, including meal plans, recipes and educational materials

All Modules - 40 Lessons (always growing!) €500

Weekly Group Coaching Calls €400

Quarterly Health Topic €100

Community Hub & Support - absolutely priceless

But wait – there’s more!

If You Join Today, You’ll Also Get

Mason Jar Meals Guide

The perfect tool for those who want to enjoy healthy, delicious meals without all the hassle.

Practical Meal Prep Ideas For Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & More

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You will get access and continue to have access to the Balance Body & Hormones Club as long as you are an active member of the Unbounded Wellness Club Membership

Continue to have access to all the live Q&A too

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€ 7 / Month

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To help you skip the years of trial and error that my clients and I went through and get straight to the good stuff.

A place where you can finally say goodbye to the frustration and overwhelm of trying to balance your blood sugar and hormones to lose weight.


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