Lost in Life’s Chaos?

Looking for expert guidance and support in finding your true self


Tired of Feeling Overwhelmed & Undervalued? Reclaim Your Confidence, Reduce Stress and Feel Your Best



HEALTHY, full of energy AND EMPOWERED Without

Wasting time on ineffective strategies.

You Want to Feel Energized, Confident, and In Control of Your Health and Life …

But …


You stare in the mirror and don't recognize the spark you used to have


You're tired of feeling like you're running on empty


That inner voice whispering you're not enough that you don't deserve to shine?


It's harsh and robbing you of the amazing life you crave


Every failed diet, every stressful day, chips away at your confidence, leaving you stuck in a cycle of disappointment.


You put everyone else first

… but what about YOU?

You want to feel energized, confident, and in control of your health and wellness journey, so…

Tried Numerous Strategies

BUT you continue to struggle with weight management, low energy levels, and an overall sense of frustration and unhappiness that seems to compound with each failed attempt.


You Delved Into The Vast Expanse Of Internet

BUT only to become engulfed in the complexity and sheer quantity of data pertaining to the delicate balance of blood sugar and hormones necessary for weight loss success.

Considered Seeking Professional Help

BUT the expense of individualized coaching and specialized testing can often amount to hundreds or even thousands of dollars, making it an unattainable option. Although you desire guidance, your busy schedule often prevents you from attending live sessions.

I’ve been there. I know the struggle, the shame, and feeling trapped in your own life.

I was stuck…

But here’s the secret: You are not broken. You are worthy, just as you are. The Unbounded Wellness Club is where you rediscover your light. It’s NOT about perfection or fitting a specific mould. It’s about becoming the most authentic, most powerful version of YOU.

But what if…

What if that exhaustion didn’t own you? What if instead of willpower struggles, food could be a source

of joy AND fuel for the life you want to live?

I’ve been there. I know how hard it is to make yourself a priority.

But here’s the thing: You can’t pour from an empty cup.

And somewhere inside, there’s a flicker – a memory of the woman you know you can be – vibrant, confident, the one who walks into a room and owns it. It’s not selfish to want that back. It’s essential.

It’s about changing how you see yourself, your worth, and what you deserve. Like my client, Paula in this picture below.

It’s not only about weight. It’s how you feel inside!

It’s about your worth and how you value yourself!

The feeling that you deserve it all!

Hello, I’m Antonela!

As a dedicated brain health, nutritionist and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) coach, I’ve witnessed far too many women get caught up in the misleading one-size-fits-all health and life solutions peddled by so-called “experts” online. It’s not only frustrating, but it can also lead you down the wrong path. This is why I stand by the principle of “bio-individuality” – the idea that each person’s health journey is as unique as their own story, shaped by their specific needs, symptoms, genetics, background, sleep patterns, fitness level, and lifestyle.

In my practice, I embrace this principle wholeheartedly. It’s the cornerstone of my approach to helping clients reach their health goals. My background in nutrition science and human performance, enriched by my own experiences, has been instrumental in developing a framework that genuinely works.

I’ve earned Master’s degrees in Exercise and Nutrition Science from the University of Chester and in Medicine and Pharmacy from Carol Davila, University in Bucharest. I know firsthand the exhaustion and frustration that come from chasing fad diets and quick fixes – I’ve been there too.

I approach my work with empathy and without judgment. My goal is to listen to you, to support you, and to guide you as you embark on a healthier, more fulfilling path.

Imagine this:

Waking up with a clear mind and the energy to tackle the day, not that dragging feeling

Feeling confident and strong in your body, no matter what life throws at you

No longer letting anxiety and doubt run the show

Finally making your well-being a top priority – without a shred of guilt

Reconnecting with the hopes and dreams you've secretly kept hidden

Looking in the mirror and seeing someone you like and admire

Trusting yourself to make choices that feel good for your body and soul

Being the vibrant, centered woman you know you are deep down.

Imagine truly believing, deep in your soul, that you are enough...more than enough.

Are you ready to take the first step towards the life you truly

deserve? All it takes are

3 Simple Steps

Revitalize your body, mind & soul, & transform your life:

Find calm in the middle of the storm!

Achieve balance, boost energy & own your power.

Discover Your Why

Helps you set the foundation for success by identifying potential obstacles, creating a personalized plan for your unique needs, and visualizing the revitalized version of yourself. Empowers you to lay a solid foundation for achieving your wellness goals by proactively identifying potential challenges, developing a tailored plan and envisioning a reinvigorated version of yourself. 

Stress Management

You will learn how to manage stress healthily and effectively. Provides techniques, strategies, support and resources to help you manage any underlying emotional issues that may be contributing to your stress or unhealthy habits. Helps you to overcome any unhealthy eating habits or cravings that may be standing in the way of your goals. Helps you to create a healthy work-life balance so that you can prioritize self-care and relaxation.

Hormonal & Metabolic Balance

You’ll understand how your hormones and metabolism function and how they impact your overall health. You will learn how to balance your hormones and metabolism through healthy habits, such as optimizing sleep, incorporating movement into your routine, and prioritizing self-care. Learn the fundamentals of nutrition and how it plays a role in weight loss, energy levels, mood, and overall health.



You are worthy. You are powerful. You are capable of

incredible transformation.

The Unbounded Wellness Club membership is perfect for busy women who want evidence-based, simple, and practical strategies to help them find their true selves, increase their energy, achieve optimal health, and live beautiful lives.

The Unbounded Wellness Club isn’t just about changing your body; it’s about unlocking the vibrant, unstoppable woman you were always meant to be.

The Unbounded Wellness Club provides the tools, resources, and community they need to succeed.

We'll work on uncovering the sneaky thoughts holding you back. Build a foundation of self-love and acceptance.

A comprehensive approach to balancing nervous system, hormones and metabolism through healthy habits like sleep, movement and self-care

Simple stress control tools to help you find calm in the middle of the storm and build the resilience you crave.

We'll tap into your deep well of inner strength (you'll be amazed at what's there)

Supportive Community - Surround yourself with women who see you, support you, and won't let you give up

Expert Resources - meal plans, recipes, deep-dive workshops, and more

All Modules - 40 Lessons (always growing!) €500

Weekly Group Coaching Calls €400

Quarterly Health Topic €100

Monthly Guest/Workshop €100

Community Hub & Support - absolutely priceless

This isn’t just about feeling better. It’s about feeling like YOU again—the woman you long to be.

But wait – there’s more!

If You Join Today, You’ll Also Get

Mason Jar Meals Guide

The perfect tool for those who want to enjoy healthy, delicious meals without all the hassle.

Practical Meal Prep Ideas For Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & More

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You will get access and continue to have access to the Balance Body & Hormones Club as long as you are an active member of the Unbounded Wellness Club Membership

Continue to have access to all the live Q&A too

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€ 7 / Month

Access Now the


To help you skip the years of trial and error that my clients and I went through and get straight to the good stuff.


You are not alone.

You are worthy of a life overflowing with joy, confidence, and a deep sense of self.

Are you ready to reclaim your power and become the woman you know you can be?

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Are you ready to ignite that spark and unleash your boundless potential? Ready to Feel Your Absolute Best?


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