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Success Stories

I was drowning in exam stress, and it felt like I was stuck in a cycle of worry and sleepless nights. Discovering EFT in this workshop was like finding a lifeline. It’s not just a technique; it’s a daily practice that has changed everything for me. My focus is back, and so is my confidence. I’m truly grateful. –  Jamie, 19

Before EFT, the thought of speaking up in class made my stomach twist into knots. Now, I’ve learned to calm my nerves and actually enjoy participating. It’s like I’ve unlocked a part of me I didn’t know could exist. This workshop has been a game-changer. – Alex, 17

The pressure to excel academically was paralyzing. EFT has taught me to navigate my emotions and face challenges with a clear mind. I’m performing better than ever, not just in exams but in life. – Sara, 22

Seeing my child struggle with anxiety was heart-wrenching. This workshop introduced us to EFT, and the transformation has been incredible. He’s more relaxed, happier, and thriving in school. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. – Maria, Parent

My daughter was always the anxious type, especially with exams. After she attended this workshop, I saw a remarkable change. She’s handling her studies and stress so much better.  – David, Parent

We were at our wits’ end with our son’s insomnia related to school stress. This workshop and EFT have been a blessing. He’s sleeping better and more engaged in his studies. The difference is night and day. We’re all believers in EFT now. – Linda, Parent


Q: What will I learn in this workshop?

A: You’ll learn how to use an excellent technique called tapping to help when you feel worried, nervous, or just overwhelmed. It’s like learning a simple trick to calm down those big feelings. We’ll practice together so you can use it anytime, anywhere.

Q: Who is this workshop ideal for?

A: This workshop is excellent for students who want to feel calmer, happier, and more in control. If you sometimes feel worried about tests, have trouble focusing, get frustrated easily, struggle with big emotions, have difficulty making friends, or just feel overwhelmed sometimes, this workshop will give you tools to take charge of those feelings.
This workshop offers valuable skills if you want your child to have the tools to manage challenging emotions and feel more in control.

Q: What if I can’t attend the live session?

A: No Worries! You’ll have access to the workshop recording and materials. This way, you can learn at your own pace and still get the full benefits of the workshop.

Q: How interactive is the workshop? Will I get personalised feedback?

A: The workshop is designed to be interactive, with chances to share experiences, practice together, and get support. I will provide personalised feedback, ensuring you feel confident using the tapping techniques effectively.

Q: Will there be any resources or tools provided?

A: Yes! We want you to have continued support even after the workshop. You’ll receive a comprehensive workbook with step-by-step tapping guides, practice exercises, and helpful tips. You’ll also have ongoing access to these resources to revisit and refresh your skills whenever needed.

Q: What differentiates The No Stress Exam Success Workshop from other workshops?

A: What sets our workshop apart is the focus on EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). This simple, empowering technique is easy for students to learn and use independently. Our goal is for you to leave feeling empowered to use tapping anytime, anywhere, for a greater sense of control over your emotions. Led by a certified EFT practitioner, we’ll tailor the workshop to the challenges students face, making it practical and engaging.

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee if I’m not satisfied with the workshop?

A: We don’t offer a money-back guarantee for digital products or live events. However, we want to ensure you’re making an informed decision! If you have any questions or concerns before purchasing, please contact us. We’re happy to discuss the workshop details and help you determine if it’s the right fit for you at info@wellnessacademy.ie

If you attend and find the workshop isn’t meeting your expectations, we encourage you to email us at info@wellnessacademy.ie. Please provide the name and date of the event, along with your feedback. We value your input and will work to address any issues you raise.

Q: How will this workshop benefit my life and career in the long term?

A: By participating in this workshop, you’ll gain the skills to manage stress, boost focus, and handle difficult emotions more effectively. This can increase productivity, improve decision-making, and strengthen relationships with colleagues, family and friends. Investing in your emotional well-being is an investment in your long-term career success.


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